Referral program

Love Mosaic? Get Paid for Spreading the Word.

You’ve experienced how Mosaic can improve work and business. Now it’s time to tell your network. Here’s how:

  • Fill out the form to recommend a business that would benefit from using Mosaic. Be sure to list a principal, director, or other executive.
  • We’ll contact your referral. If they book a demo, you get a $20 Amazon gift card.
  • When your referral signs up for a paid Mosaic account, your company gets 2 months of Mosaic free, plus you get a $100 amazon gift card as a thank you for spreading the word!
Refer a Company Now

Complete the form below, and we’ll contact your referral to schedule a demo.

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Now, here’s some fine print:
  • We pay incentives within 60 days of receiving payment from the referred company.
  • We distribute payment as Amazon gift cards at the end of each month. Incentive payment percentages are calculated off software pricing only and do not include platform/integration or setup costs.
  • If your referred business has contacted Mosaic directly within the past 12 months or received a demo within the last six months, then your referral doesn’t count, and you’re not eligible for referral program benefits for that referral.
  • There are no limits on the number of businesses you can refer to Mosaic.