Mosaic Answers Your Questions

Resource Planning

How do you see what project everyone working on?

  • Does everyone have enough work?
  • Is anyone on the bench?
  • Who has too much work?
  • What's the workload for the next quarter?
  • Do we have enough to keep the team busy? How much more do we need?
  • Are some people are overloaded? If so, who?

Project Planning

How do you plan projects around people’s actual capacity?

  • Are we working on the highest priority projects?
  • Can we meet upcoming deadlines?
  • Where are the bottlenecks?
  • What happens if we push this back?

Resource Allocation

How do you put together project teams?

  • Who meets the requirements to work on this project?
  • Who has the skills?
  • Who has availability to help on a project this month?
  • How many unassigned or open roles do we have?
  • How much time is unassigned?
  • Who could help get this project over this finish line?
  • Who could we replace this person with?

Project Financials

How do you see your project budgets?

  • How much time has been spent, planned, and is remaining?
  • What’s our estimated cost of time spent at completion?
  • Are we pacing to go over budget?
  • Is there scope creep? Where is happening?
  • When do we plan to bill for services?
  • What is the earned value on the deliverables vs. time spent?

Team Insights

How do you understand your workforce?

  • What does this person do here?
  • What education, skills, and training does this person have?
  • Who does this person work with?
  • Where do they sit on the org. chart?
  • What are their skills?
  • What is their utilization rate?
  • Are we meeting our overall utilization goals?


How do you know if you're performing financially?

  • What is our projected revenue for next quarter?
  • What are our projected billings?
  • What’s our backlog?
  • What’s our pipeline?
  • Where do we make/lose money?


How do you know when you need to hire?

  • What roles and skills are in highest demand?
  • What roles and skills do we need to hire for?
  • If we win these 10 projects, do we need to hire — if so, who?
  • Should we hire or can we use a consultant?