Stop managing people
in the dark

Unify your projects and people to see what's happening and manage effectively.

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Every project-based organization
struggles with the same challenges

Lack of visibility into people and projects
  • Who's working on what project, and when?
  • Who has the skills and availability for this project?
  • Do we need to take on more work?
  • Or are we overcapacity?
No way to understand people and projects
  • What’s our backlog for next quarter?
  • What skills do we need to hire for?
  • Which projects are at risk of going over budget?
  • Which projects or clients are most profitable? Which lose money?

Leadership tries to answer these questions by piecing together information from meetings, messages, spreadsheets, ERPs, and other software, all in an effort to manage change...

Introducing, a single source of truth

Instead of a small group of resource managers attempting to piece things together, Mosaic makes resource management a team sport where projects and workload are managed together in real-time.

Executives and project managers can see who is working on what and when for real-time visibility across the organization. And instead of spending time on spreadsheet data entry, Mosaic makes resource managers superheroes —adapting to any change in the business and dramatically increasing profitability.

"Mosaic gets the right person on the right job at the right time."
Gene Phillips
Wallace Design Collective
Wallace Design Collective

You can't prepare for what
you can't see coming

Get the visibility into people and projects you need to
manage effectively and keep everyone in sync.

Get Real-Time Visibility
See who is doing what project, and when, in real-time.
Balance Work & Life
Get the most out of your people, without the risk of burnout.
Understand Supply & Demand
Know exactly which roles and skills are in demand.
Plan Headcount
Know what roles you need to hire for — before it hurts.
Optimize Everything
Leverage AI to optimize utilization, workload, and headcount.
Maximize Profitability
Save time, increase productivity, and maximize billable hours.

Dramatically improve efficiency & profitability

Avg. $175/hr


Avg. 60%

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Return on Investment
"Mosaic enables strategy, business operations, and conversations across all levels of the office."
Colin Alley
Director of Operations
BCV Architecture + Interiors

The top 5 reasons you need Mosaic

  • You don’t have visibility into what your team is working on.
  • You want everyone to have ownership and accountability of their work.
  • You want to breakdown the silos in your organization to increase employee utilization.
  • You want to be able to put together project teams in minutes.
  • You're struggling to accurately forecast workload and role demand for hiring.

See how AI-powered Mosaic unlocks the true potential of your team.
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