Introducing —Agile Resource Planning

Mosaic lets you manage staff capacity and quickly move staff around to respond to any change in the business, dramatically increasing utilization and profitability.

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The next generation of resource planning

Modern software has improved how businesses operate in almost every way —except when it comes to resource planning. Spreadsheets and legacy ERPs lack the speed and flexibility to keep up.

As a result, there's poor visibility into who's working on what, so some people don't have enough work, while others are burning out. It's time for a modern, AI-Powered Resource Management Platform that gives transparency into work to manage people and projects, and balance work more efficiently, together.

Spreadsheets vs. Mosaic

How is Mosaic 10x better than your resource planning spreadsheet?

Spreadsheets are a general 'Swiss army knife'
Mosaic is a specialty resource management tool
Double data entry and financial software exports
Get real-time data with Mosaic's integrations
You can’t perform AI on general cell data
Mosaic has powerful AI features
Cognitive overload from rows and rows of data
Mosaic is visual, intuitive, and easy to use
Tedious and time consuming to update plans
Quick and easy drag & drop to update plans
Disconnected sheets and cell reference errors
Edit one place, update everywhere on Mosaic
Impossible to track changes at a cell level
Mosaic makes it easy to track user edits
No permission settings, limiting access
Extensive permission levels to control access
Clunky filters and pivot tables
Checkbox filtering to view information any way
Over 80% of spreadsheets contain formula errors
Mosaic has extensive testing for reliability
"Get Mosaic. It will change how you do things...It’s freedom from spreadsheets—and from time-consuming manual processes."
Susan Reid, AIA, LEED AP

Plan together

Centralize your resource management to eliminate siloed spreadsheets and easily access your employees.

Plan faster

Increase efficiency across the organization by streamlining and automating the entire resource management process.

Plan smarter

Leverage the latest AI technology to optimize your project and people planning insights.

Make resource planning a team sport

Mosaic is the first collaborative resource management software that gives executives, directors, team leaders, and project managers visibility to manage who is working on what project and when, together, to move faster than the competition and dramatically increase profitability.

Resource Planning

Take control of your schedules

Plan and monitor all project schedules in one place. Simple drag-and-drop functionality, dependencies, and powerful automation lets you reschedule in seconds, and immediately understand the impact of changes on people and projects.

Resource Allocation

Build project teams in minutes

Stop wasting hours emailing, messaging, and calling to put together project teams. Mosaic's AI Team Builder lets you instantly see who has the skills, availability, and other requirements to assemble & reassemble project teams in minutes.

Finding Work

Keep your bench empty to
boost utilization

Mosaic's AI Project Finder lets you see who's available and find work for them in minutes. With Project Finder you can quickly move people between projects as priorities, schedules, or business needs change.

Workload Management

Balance workload and put an end to burnout

Easily understand who's overbooked and who needs more work with Mosaic's visual workload heatmap. Mosaic lets you control workload and maximizes efficiency to boost profitability.

Workload Forecast

Stop worrying if you have enough work for the next quarter

Mosaic lets you easily see if you have enough work to keep everyone busy. Mosaic's AI looks at every data point, including your schedules, demand, budget, and pipeline data, to forecast workload, so you can confidently plan for the future.

Role Demand

Know exactly what role you need to hire, and when

Mosaic compares upcoming demand for roles against the current capacity to show when you need to hire. Base hiring decisions on demand forecasts rather than hiring when it hurts.

Skills Management

Understand your people and maximize skills

Mosaic's visual org chart and rich employee profiles help you map and understand your company's most valuable resource —your people. Where they come from, what they've done, their skills and interests. Now you can finally access the untapped value of the people in your organization.

Templating & Automation

Get resource management superpowers

Mosaic's automation makes managing resources 10x faster than on spreadsheets & ERPs. Template anything, automatically plan, add dependencies, reschedule incomplete plans, and easily shift delayed schedules forward.

Dramatically improve efficiency & profitability

Avg. $175/hr


Avg. 60%

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Managing work together will improve everything about your organization

Mosaic provides a single source of truth for all levels of the organization to plan resources and projects together for a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.

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