Real-time data for
business clarity

Mosaic’s real-time reporting and customizable dashboards get you the story behind the numbers, enabling data-driven decisions.

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Unlocking business intelligence

BI is essential for companies to understand performance and optimize, but implementation is incredibly complex, time-consuming, and expensive. Through our seamless integrations, Mosaic instantly pulls all of your project, people, and planning data to show you what's happening inside the business.

Simplify Reporting

Gain business insights in seconds. Unlike complex BI tools, Mosaic comes with laser-focused, pre-built charts and graphs that anyone can understand.

Analyze Trends

Analyze your data from any angle to understand what's happening. Drill down with the click of a button to take action on the spot.

Forecast the Future

Plan for what’s next—before things get hectic with predictive analytics. Mosaic’s AI analyzes planned time, utilization, budgets, and more to predict workload.

“What gets measured, gets managed. And Mosaic ensures we measure and manage the right things.”
Kent Lutz, AIA, LEED AP

Meaningful insights in real-time

Unlike Tableau and Power BI, Mosaic offers reports and dashboards tailored to your industry's resource management needs right out of the box—no setup or data analyst required. Anyone can understand them at first glance, enabling all levels of your organization make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Resource Planning

Keep everyone busy, without
the risk of burnout

Easily see work planned for every staff member over any time period with Mosaic's Workload Report.

Actionable Insights

Get a high-level summary of everything important to you

Quickly build out and share individual, department, and executive dashboards for automatic and always up-to-date reporting. Set KPIs on dashboards for any metric, across any group or department, and easily share them for always up-to-date reporting.

Variance Analysis

Understand the past for a more profitable future

Develop the most accurate plans possible with Mosaic's Variance Reports. Visualize planned vs. actual for time, budgets, and schedules to improve your planning and budgeting so you can negotiate better fees.

Headcount Planning

Know exactly when to hire and
when to bring in more work

Mosaic's Demand Report identifies where workload exceeds capacity and even what roles and skills you'll need to hire for.

Skills Management

Unlock the potential of your organizations people

Easily understand the skills and capacity of your team. Mosaic's Skills Report helps you assess the strengths and weaknesses of the roles in your organization to inform hiring.

Capacity Planning

Never worry over having enough work

Never lose sleep over whether you have enough work again. Mosaic looks at historical project data to forecast workload trends so you know if you need to bring in more work to keep everyone busy or it's time to hire.

Financial Controls

Ensure every project is profitable

Mosaic provides real-time budget visibility and alerts to control project budgets and track performance. Quickly adjust budgets as plans change and manage scope creep to recapture additional services.

Resource Optimization

Visualize your organization’s utilization rate

Easily see your utilization, so you can understand how Mosaic improves it. Our Utilization Report displays the percentage of billable time vs. non-billable time for each staff member. See trends, track goals, and measure the impact of utilization on profitability.

Revenue Optimization

Easily see where you make money and where you lose it

Mosaic analyzes historical planning and project accounting data to pinpoint winning—and losing—projects and clients, so you can do more of what works and less of what doesn't.

"We've been hitting our goals thanks to Mosaic's reporting."
Susan Reid, AIA, LEED AP

Delivering mission-critical KPIs and insights

Mosaic's AI-powered reports and dashboards get you the metrics you need to make the right decisions at the right time. Stop acting on old information, opinions, or gut feelings —leverage the power of business intelligence to optimize your business and maximize profitability.

See how Mosaic's powerful data science can help you
make powerful decisions.
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