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Workforce Management Software for Construction

The fastest way to staff projects and keep crews off the bench.
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Ensuring construction companies schedule the right crew on the right project at the right time

When schedules are unpredictable, it can be challenging to efficiently manage workers across multiple job sites. Mosaic takes the pain out of planning by doing what your spreadsheets cannot: visualizing workload across your company and updating workforce schedules in real time. Easily see who is doing what and when, so you can schedule and reschedule workers in seconds, balance your backlog, and quickly hire the right trades. Mosaic forecasts workload, predicts headcount, and analyzes project performance—all of which enables your business to optimize the efficiency of your entire workforce.
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Schedule faster

Get recommendations to instantly assemble work crews with the right skills, availability, and more.

Manage better

Understand what your crew can and can't get done, and always keep them on track with the most up-to-date schedule.

Work smarter

Leverage intelligent automation to eliminate repetitive tasks and streamline project and resource scheduling.

"Get Mosaic. It will change how you do things...It’s freedom from spreadsheets—and from time-consuming manual processes."
Susan Reid, AIA, LEED AP

Intelligent work scheduling for construction companies

Plan projects better and schedule workers faster with Mosaic’s workforce management software.

Manage work anywhere, anytime on any device

See who is working on what and when. Make requests and change plans anywhere. Effortlessly triage work and navigate conflicting dates and priorities. Communicate work plans with your crews.

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Track budgets in real time

Operate your business with clarity. Mosaic delivers accurate, real-time budget visibility and analysis. Easily adjust budgets as plans change, and analyze project performance to recapture additional services and prevent scope creep.

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Balance the backlog

Understand your work in progress, so you know when to schedule, hire, or chase additional bids. Mosaic identifies under-capacity workers and recommends work assignments, so your crew is efficiently progressing through the backlog. And with our workload and demand forecasts, you always know when you're ready to take on more.

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Know the capabilities of your workforce

Quickly understand the skills and capacity of your workforce. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of trades to inform project staffing and hiring.

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Gain workforce intelligence by connecting Mosaic with existing software

Stop planning on spreadsheets and whiteboards. Connecting with your existing software—including Procore, Sage, and Salesforce—Mosaic pulls in your people, projects, schedules and more to deliver workforce visibility in days, not months.

"Before, we could only forecast about a month ahead, and now we can budget the whole project."
Steve Shaffer, AIA

Delivering value across the organization

Mosaic is the only resource planning software purpose-built for collaboration. From individual contributors and project managers to directors and principals, every person in your company will benefit from being connected and managing work with Mosaic.

Equipping construction companies with the right tools to maximize project profitability

Mosaic enables construction companies to schedule crews faster, balance backlog, and plan in real-time. Our powerful workforce management software includes project performance analysis, workforce reporting, and hiring recommendations for everything you need to manage the business efficiently.
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