AI-Powered Resource Planning, Management & Forecasting Software

The fast, easy, and visual way to plan who's working on what, understand how much work you have, and assemble project teams.

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The way you're working no longer works...

You don't know what the people you are managing are working on
Mosaic gives everyone clear visibility into resource planning
You're using simple, generic spreadsheets for complex management
Mosaic is purpose-built for resource planning and management
You spend hours each month exporting data for spreadsheets
Mosaic automatically pulls in all data from your current software
Your resource planning workflow is outdated and inefficient
Modern AI-powered Mosaic is fast, easy to use, and intuitive
Your employees are overworked and burning out
Take control of your work and balance workload with Mosaic
Your projects take much longer than you planned
Plan around actual capacity and manage scope creep on Mosaic
You see monthly reports long after the month is over
Mosaic’s real-time reports let you take action before it's too late
Your organization's utilization rate isn't where it should be
Mosaic significantly improves planning efficiency, driving profitability
Resource Management

Maximize utilization without burnout

Visualize workload across teams and departments to ensure everyone is at capacity without being overloaded. On Mosaic you can easily balance workload, together.

Resource Planning

Manage people together

Mosaic provides visibility so every manager is working together to ensure everyone is busy —maximizing efficiency and significantly increasing profitability.

resource Planning

Beat every deadline

Build your project schedules around the actual capacity of your people to understand what you can and can't get done while getting the data you need to right-size your organization.

AI Team Builder

Mosaic's AI understands your people, putting together tailored teams in minutes, instead of days or weeks.  

AI Workload Forecast

Mosaic's AI actively monitors workload so you know if and when you have the people to complete new projects.

AI Headcount Planning

Mosaic tells you what role you need to hire, and when, to right-size your organization.

Dramatically improve efficiency & profitability

Avg. $175/hr


Avg. 60%

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Return on Investment
Capacity Planning

Plan and manage confidently

Stop relying on your gut for strategic decisions. In a rapidly changing modern world, you need AI to forecast workload and headcount so you can confidently plan for the future.

Take action with real-time visual reports

Out-of-the-box reporting increases financial intelligence and business clarity across your organization. Instead of waiting weeks after the month ends, Mosaic's visual reports tell the story behind the numbers as things play out, so you can take action, before it's too late.

Workforce Intelligence

Understand what's happening

Mosaic's dashboards let you see the bigger picture with real-time visibility into key performance metrics and quickly drill down into the details.


Mosaic is everything your spreadsheets and legacy software are not, making complex processes visual & easy to use.


Mosaic's powerful AI and extensive automations help you maximize efficiency and profitability.


Mosaic gets everyone into the conversation of who’s working on what to plan and manage work together.


Don't take our word for it

Join the hundreds of productive teams managing thousands of projects every day on Mosaic.

Mosaic stopped the fighting over people and priorities.

Kent Lutz
Principal | CMBA

Mosaic ensures we have the right person on the right job at the right time.

Gene Phillips
Principal | Wallace Design Collective

Get Mosaic. It will change how you do things...It’s freedom from spreadsheets.

Susan Reid
Principal | Interwork

Maximize efficiency and profitability

Mosaic is delivering the world's most powerful project planning and resource management solution. Mosaic improves communication, accountability, and employee happiness while significantly increasing profitability.


Best practices to improve how you
manage people, projects, and the business

See for yourself how planning will improve your organization in every way.

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