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Agile Resource Management for IT & Software Developers

Optimize workload across your organization to boost utilization and profit.
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Empowering managed IT Services and Software Developers to maximize efficiency

People are your organization’s greatest asset —but it's hard to get the most out of them with inefficient resource management processes. Mosaic enables IT and software teams to deliver their best work with next-generation project and resource planning.
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Manage better

Understand what your team can and can't get done to better balance workload and prevent burnout.

Work smarter

Leverage AI and automation to eliminate repetitive tasks and streamline project and resource planning.

Staff faster

Get AI-powered recommendations to assemble project teams with the right skills and availability —in minutes.

"Mosaic is truly the best that I’ve seen."
Gene Phillips
Wallace Design Collective
Wallace Design Collective

Supercharged Resource Management for IT Services and Software Developers

Optimize your workforce like never before with Mosaic’s next-generation resource management software. Get real-time data on key performance metrics like workload, utilization, variance, role demand, and profit.

Project Staffing Superpowers

Mosaic breaks down the siloes in your company to give you instant access to anyone - across teams, departments, and offices. Mosaic's AI saves you days of back and forth by matching people for projects to put together teams in minutes.

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Visualize workload to increase utilization

View workload across the organization to understand who is working on what and when. Mosaic's AI suggests projects for people under-capacity,  ensuring everyone is busy with high-value work, dramatically increasing utilization and profitability.

Workload Heatmap

Forecast workload and right-size your organization

Easily understand whether you have too much work or not enough. Mosaic provides visibility into current and upcoming demand to forecast workload and headcount, so you can effectively plan projects and hiring, quarter after quarter.

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Monitor project budgets

Visual budgets and notifications help you quickly catch when scope creeps and budgets are blown. Mosaic analyzes historical project data, including project financials, to forecast project budget performance and identify your least and most profitable work.

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Update plans on the go

Access and change work plans from anywhere, at anytime, on any device. As priorities change, Mosaic's mobile app communicates changes in real time.

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Integrate Mosaic with your current tech stack to unlock new insights

Mosaic's seamless integrations combine your project, people, and budget data for complete visibility into your operations, to dramatically improve utilization, productivity, and profitability.

"Before, we could only forecast about a month ahead, and now we can budget the whole project."
Steve Shaffer, AIA

Enabling collaboration across your organization

Mosaic is the only resource planning software purpose-built for collaboration. From individual contributors and project managers to directors and principals, every person in your company will benefit from being connected and managing work with Mosaic.

A powerful people management tool built for IT & software teams

Mosaic enables managed IT services and software teams to keep people off the bench while preventing burnout and tracking role demand for data-driven hiring. Combined with AI-powered project staffing and reporting, and you have everything you need to scale your business.‍
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