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"It’s time to take control over your projects and business operations."
Richard Unterthiner
Richard Unterthiner
BCV Architecture + Interiors

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'How' is as important as 'who'

What makes companies great? You'll probably say the people, and yes, it’s hard to put together a great team. But it’s not just about who is doing the work —it’s how they work. The system is at the core of great organizations that stand the test of time. It allows your people be great —performing at their highest level. Together we'll build your operating system.

We take your team from good to great

Mosaic's trained in-house management coaches that have learned the best practices from speaking to thousands of managers in your industry. Change is hard, and it takes time and determination. We work to create a tailored roadmap to success for your organization. Our goal is to get you managing your firm in a way that will make your employees and clients happier, while significantly increasing your firm’s profitability.

Modernization made easy

We help you educate your team to understand the importance of modern software systems. The technology you haven't bought that will saves you time is already costing you money. Only through technology can you streamline and continuously improve your processes. We'll evaluate where new software can help you communicate better, streamline proposals, manage financials, and operate the business.

Transform your business

Mosaic Advisors give you the support you need to achieve your organization goals and transform your business

Build your
Operating System

  • We'll help you maximize efficiency and profits by staying on top of project and resource management using custom tailored solutions based on your individual needs.

Best Practices

  • We work with you to establish your industry's best practices to manage your projects and resources effectively. using custom tailored solutions based on your individual needs.

Understand your

  • Learn to identify where you make money and where you lose it to do more of what works, and less of what doesn't.

Template & Automate  your Busywork

  • We work closely with you to assess systems that can be  templated any work that can be automated, that will help your organization maximize efficiency.

Stack Consulting

  • We'll working with you to implement the latest technology solutions based on your company's individual needs to unlock maximize efficiency and profitability.

Implementation Specialists

  • We champion your software implementations to make sure you get the most out of Mosaic and all of the software you implement.
Develop your operating system for healthier, happier, and more productive people.

We understand your industry

Prior to Mosaic in 2018, our founder started and, for 15 years, managed an architecture and engineering firm in New York City that made the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America six times in the last eight years

For over a decade, while building Mosaic, he spoke to thousands of architects and engineers about their challenges in managing the business. He's bringing Mosaic, and the operating system he created that drove these incredible results, to you.

Q & A

We're here to help you set and achieve your
goals and take control of your work.

What is a
Mosaic Advisor?

Mosaic Advisors are in-house professionals trained in project management, resource, and business management for the A&E industry. They're experienced and passionate about solving the unique software and business challenges you're facing.

What is the difference between Mosaic software and Mosaic's Business Consulting?

Mosaic is your software technology that structures best practices for project, resource and workforce manamgent. Mosaic's consulting services provide the support you need to modernize your entire organization through software.

Who is Business
Coaching for?

Mosaic Advisors are recommended for organizations from 10 to 10,000 looking to streamline and modernize their operations. Whether you’re starting to modernize or simply want to utilize Mosaic to the fullest, we provide the coaching and support your organizations needs to succeed.

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