Time is Money

Plan, manage, and track time—your most valuable commodity. Mosaic lets you monitor and control budgets to make every project profitable.

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Track faster

Harness the power of automation. Mosaic automatically populates timesheets and sends reminders to anyone falling behind.

Budget smarter

Better plan future project budgets by understanding how much time your projects actually take.

Save time

Say goodbye to double data entry. Mosaic integrates with your financial software to keep your project and finance teams in sync.

"Mosaic gets the right person on the right job at the right time."
Gene Phillips
Wallace Design Collective
Wallace Design Collective

Deliver every project on budget

Keep your project and finance teams in sync with Mosaic by getting real-time project budgets directly to project managers and executives to accurately plan, manage, and track work.

Manage budgets

Track project budgets in real time

Stop operating in the dark with outdated data. Visualize time forecasts to stay ahead of budgets before the budget is blown. Mosaic delivers accurate, real-time budget visibility to project managers and executives so they can spot potential issues and take action —before it's too late.

Manage Scope Creep

Stop doing charity work

Finally get paid for scope creep by capturing every additional service. Mosaic's simple and visual reporting and forecasting allows for efficient, real-time budget monitoring. Mosaic can typically cover its cost by preventing financial loss due to scope creep on projects.

Monitor Time

Easily monitor how time is spent

Keep a pulse on how much time staff are allocating to projects with Mosaic's live timesheets. Use filters to customize reports, and save them for easy export and sharing.

Time variance

Learn how much time projects actually take

If you're using guesswork to plan project schedules and budgets, you're leaving profitability to chance. Mosaic's variance reports let you see planned time against actual time spent on past projects, so you can plan reliable schedules and profitable projects.

Budget Variance

Learn from past budget mistakes

Mosaic's budget variance report lets you quickly assess which projects, clients, and PMs are losing money—and where your profits are—so you can follow the '80/20 Rule' and create an efficient business by doing more of what works and stop wasting time on what doesn't.

track time

Easy timesheets, from anywhere

Shortcuts & AI help you quickly and easily submit timesheets at any time, from anywhere in the world with Mosaic's mobile app—available on iOS or Android. Remove the friction of getting time recorded, so timesheets get submitted, invoices go out on time, and cash is collected faster.

monitor timesheets

End the timesheet runaround

Mosaic's Timesheet Status Report helps you monitor and automatically chase timesheets before it becomes a problem. Let Mosaic automatically send follow-ups for you, complete with notifications to managers so everyone stays informed.

automated tracking time

Or even retire timesheets completely

Mosaic's built-in timers, automatic time tracking, and using planned time for timesheets will make you forget why you hated timesheets. Employees can turn on Mosaic's timesheet automation to pre-populate timesheets with planning data for faster and more accurate billing.

“It used to take weeks to handle invoicing—especially getting people to fill out their timesheets...now I can knock it out in a day…Mosaic has made our billing process so much more efficient.”
Colin Alley
Director of Operations
BCV Architecture + Interiors
BCV Architecture + Interiors

Stop the #1 financial threat to your organization

Prevent the threat of financial loss from blown budgets by reducing scope creep, capturing additional services, and setting more accurate fees with real-time project budget visibility. Mosaic gives you all the tools you need to significantly improve project profitability.

See how Mosaic can increase productivity and profitability

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