Project Planning

Deliver every project on time and on budget with Mosaic’s powerful project management tools.

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The tools you need to plan any project

Manage any project like a pro with Mosaic's complete set of project planning features and built-in best practices. Easily assign tasks, quickly plan roadmaps, and effortlessly track scope and budgets to significantly boost productivity and project profitability.

Plan visually

Mosaic's schedules, budgets, and reports make everything visual and easy to understand at a glance.

Plan strategically

Tasks, schedules, scope, budgets, and workload —everything you need to successfully manage any project.

Plan efficiently

Mosaic is 10x faster than spreadsheets, thanks to integrations, shortcuts, and automations to eliminate double data entry.

"Mosaic gets the right person on the right job at the right time."
Gene Phillips
Wallace Design Collective
Wallace Design Collective

Beat every deadline and get home on time

You're busy and your job is to manage projects, not software. Use Mosaic's project management tools to complete projects faster without burning the midnight oil.

Project Progress

Easily monitor scope creep

According to the Project Management Institute, 49-68% of projects experience scope creep. Visually track the percentage of scope completed against the schedule to recapture additional services and ensure every project is profitable.

Task management

Quickly assign work and boost productivity

Mosaic is the fastest way to track tasks so everyone always knows who’s doing what, and what they need to do next. Prioritize tasks, increase accountability, and better manage your team's time so you can control your work.

Project Notes

Shared project notes keep everyone on the same page

Use our lightweight note editor anywhere, anytime, to quickly capture and share research, meeting agendas, minutes, and more without ever having to open another app. Notes are automatically distributed to the project team to keep everyone in the loop.

Project Schedules

Create the roadmap to your project's success

Connect tasks, project schedules, and workload into one view to enable accurate project planning. Easily keep schedules up to date with drag-and-drop functionality. Quickly export project schedules to keep clients and stakeholders informed.

Project Budgets

Visually track and control project budgets

How are project managers supposed to stay under a budget they only see once a month? Mosaic lets you manage budgets and track project profitability in real time, so you can course correct—before it's too late.

project Templates

Create the perfect project template

Learn from previous mistakes and make project success repeatable with Mosaic's powerful templates. Cloning lets you kick off new projects quickly, saving days of setup with pre-populated tasks, scope, schedules, budgets, and resource work plans. Company-wide standards help control quality and improve performance.

“Mosaic will help us grow and better manage projects…We’re excited to have something to use for years to come.”
Susan Reid, AIA, LEED AP

All the information you need, in one place.

Project management data shouldn’t be siloed across spreadsheets, task management tools, and financial software. Mosaic integrates with your existing financial management software to manage tasks,
track schedules, plan work, and monitor time budgets, all in one place.

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