What is

What are


Performance Review


A Performance Review, also known as a performance evaluation or appraisal, is a formal assessment conducted by an organization to evaluate an employee's job performance, accomplishments, and skills. It typically involves feedback on strengths and areas for

How often are Performance Reviews conducted?

The frequency of Performance Reviews can vary depending on organizational policies and practices. Common intervals include annual, semi-annual, or quarterly reviews. Some organizations may also conduct more frequent informal check-ins or use continuous feedback mechanisms throughout the year.

What is the purpose of a Performance Review?

The purpose of a Performance Review is to assess an employee's performance, provide feedback on their strengths and areas for improvement, align performance with organizational goals, and support career development. It serves as a platform for open communication, setting expectations, recognizing achievements, and identifying opportunities for growth and improvement.

How can employees prepare for a Performance Review?

Employees can prepare for a Performance Review by reviewing their job description, performance goals, and past feedback. They should reflect on their accomplishments, challenges faced, and areas where they would like to improve. It is also helpful to gather examples of their work or achievements to share during the review.

How can managers conduct effective Performance Reviews?

Managers can conduct effective Performance Reviews by preparing in advance, ensuring a comfortable and confidential setting, and providing specific and constructive feedback. They should focus on observable behaviors and outcomes, encourage two-way communication, and discuss performance goals and development opportunities. It is important to create an atmosphere of trust and support, allowing for open dialogue and collaboration.