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Better, Faster, Smarter: How to Staff Projects without Spreadsheets


Katie MacKillop
VP of Sales
Jonathan Arnone
Director of Operations

Better, Faster, Smarter: How to Staff Projects without Spreadsheets

You need accurate planning data to make informed decisions about what your business and teams need. Is everyone busy? Do you have too many projects or not enough? Do you have people working overtime or sitting on the bench?

Most project teams use an ERP or financial tool to try to answer these questions. But, ERPs only show what has happened on past projects, so teams supplement with spreadsheets—maintained by PMs and principals, who are rightfully too busy to babysit Excel. This approach doesn't scale, and it's painful to endure.

Watch this free webinar to see how top-performing teams are trashing their planning spreadsheets and adopting a better, faster, and smarter way of assembling project teams and staffing projects.

In this 25-minute recording, you’ll learn how to:

  • Visualize and forecast workload
  • Plan projects, allocate staff, and track budgets across offices and teams
  • Leverage data to improve utilization and project profitability

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