On-Demand Webinar

Delete Your Sheets: How to Plan and Staff Projects without Spreadsheets


Katie MacKillop
VP of Sales
Jonathan Arnone
Director of Operations

Delete Your Sheets: How to Plan and Staff Projects without Spreadsheets

Is this your firm? Every project manager, department, discipline, or business unit is operating on its own resource planning spreadsheets—making decisions blind as to what might be happening elsewhere in the organization. Staff have competing priorities. Roles are over-allocated. And hiring happens based on gut instinct rather than data.  

You need accurate planning data to make informed decisions about what your business and teams need—and how to maximize profitability. And siloed spreadsheets can't deliver that.

Finally, there's a better way. Join resource planning experts Katie MacKillop and Jonathan Arnone for a free webinar to see how top-performing teams are replacing their spreadsheets with a more efficient and collaborative approach to planning and staffing projects.

In this 25-minute webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Plan projects, allocate staff, and track budgets across offices and teams
  • Understand if you need to hire, for what role, and when
  • Assemble project teams based on skills, availability, and more
  • Increase utilization and improve project profitability

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