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Insights to Action: Leveraging AI for Workforce Intelligence


Katie MacKillop
VP of Sales
John Meyer
Founder & CEO

Insights to Action: Leveraging AI for Workforce Intelligence

You spend a lot of time trying to gain true visibility into your workforce and your business. Whiteboards, sticky notes, spreadsheets, reporting software—you’ve tried just about everything. But, nothing does the trick. That wastes time and money—and sends you back to square one.

Fortunately, an AI-powered approach to data-driven decision-making—called “workforce intelligence”—is delivering a new level of visibility for project-based businesses, and the results are impressive.

So, what is workforce intelligence? And how can it benefit your organization?

Join our hosts for a free webinar on how project-based businesses are using AI-powered workforce intelligence and reaping the rewards. In this 25-minute session, the hosts will:

  • Define workforce intelligence
  • Provide examples of this new approach to planning
  • Share the results it delivers

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