On-Demand Webinar

Is Resource Management the Answer to Burnout?


John Meyer
Founder & CEO
Jonathan Arnone
Director of Operations

Is Resource Management the Answer to Burnout?

Working professionals are exhausted like never before - burnout has reached unprecedented levels across all industries. This complex issue stems from excessive workload, a lack of control, inadequate social support, and poor work-life balance.

Join Mosaic for a free webinar how A&E firms can use collaborative resource management to control work, ensure that workload is balanced, and reduce the risk of employees becoming overwhelmed.

In this live webinar, we’ll look at four root causes of burnout and the solutions that can minimize its impact on your most valuable resource — your people.

  • Poor communication due to planning work in separate systems
  • Lack of visibility into project deadlines
  • Imbalanced workload and poor work-life balance
  • Not understanding backlog and getting behind on hiring

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