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Thanks to modern software and remote work during the global pandemic, the workforce is more connected now than ever. Yet organizations are still managed in silos with limited collaboration across regions, offices, departments, and teams. Business leaders and managers struggle to get visibility into who's working on what, the role demands, and the skills of their people. Our modern flat world lacks the tools to connect the workforce, creating one of the most significant organizational management problems companies face today.

It's Time for a Change

At the root of this problem is that it's 2023, and most companies still use spreadsheets for their resource management. Imagine managing your sales contacts on a spreadsheet instead of a customer relationship management system like Salesforce. Resource management spreadsheets aren't scalable because they have limited edit-tracking capabilities, restrict who can enter data, and lack integration with your ERP, creating duplicative manual work.

Keeping up with the speed of change in business today requires a collaborative solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing software. It's time for AI-powered software that's purpose-built solely for resource management. Mosaic is changing how organizations are managed by aggregating your people data to understand who your employees are, where they've been, what they've done, and where they're going.

Connect Your Organization

Plug your existing software into Mosaic, and you will learn more about your people and projects than you ever knew. Mosaic removes the rigid organizational hierarchies for immediate access to anyone in the company - across teams, departments, offices, regions, or continents to manage work together as a single cohesive team. With Mosaic as your work communication system, people can easily ask for and get help on projects.

At its core, Mosaic is a communication system designed to give all levels of management visibility, ensuring everyone has something to do while actively forecasting demand and hiring needs to prevent overwork. Going direct to the source provides a single source of truth that's much more accurate and up-to-date. And by unlocking the management power of the collective team, Mosaic significantly boosts efficiency, driving profitability up by over 30%.

With Mosaic connecting your workforce, you get the fastest and easiest way to find work for people and build project teams. Replacing dozens of emails, chat messages, and calls, Mosaic's AI analyzes all data in the system to understand your people. Our Project Finder sources project for people instantly, and Team Builder lets you reach across the organization and put together project teams in minutes instead of days.  You become an agile workforce, able to move people around at a moment's notice —able to respond to any change in the business.

And employees are no longer stuck in one department, on a single team, in the same role. With Mosaic's Opportunity Hub, they can find projects doing the work they love, join projects to mentor — or be mentored and up-skilled to the next level. Our internal mobility tools put your employees in a position to control their careers, significantly increasing engagement and decreasing turnover risk.

The Power of AI

Mosaic is bringing you the next generation of data-driven intelligent decision-making. Over the next year, Mosaic will start actively managing your organization's workload, revenue, role demand, and headcount by processing every change, including new projects, schedule changes, and new hires/turnover. For example, our AI might flag that you need to hire a new project manager in the next 60 days for the design department at the Chicago office —and suggest the projects they will work on.

With AI aiding in project finding, team building, scheduling, forecasting, and right-sizing your organization, you will no longer struggle to understand the past or guess the future.

John Meyer

Founder & CEO
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