How to Automate Project & Resource Planning

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In this article, we’ll detail how you can automate project & resource planning.

The ideal project and resource management operating system starts with a template. Think of it as an iteration of the perfect project with respect to the project’s roles, plan, and budget. It will also include things you overlooked on the previous venture—factors that may have cost the business a good deal of time and money.

The minute a project opportunity is created in your enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) system, it is instantly sent through integrations to the project and resource management software. You then clone a template, automatically creating a fully developed and built-out project. Everything is ready to go. You simply adjust the parameters and components of the template, and you can then initiate projects in minutes rather than days or weeks.

You become a people-first organization, where skills are your currency and employees are truly your most valuable resource—and where they are treated as such. They are empowered to pick their path and apply for opportunities within the organization and gain greater control over their careers.

You can see what project anyone is working on—from anywhere, at any time. Managers and executives can collaborate to keep people engaged in project work, while scope creep is monitored by the system to ensure that every project is profitable. Instead of waiting for the schedule to be updated, AI automatically updates the plan daily (depending on what was completed), so you are managing in real-time with an always up to date, living schedule.

When a deal is closed within your ERP or CRM, powerful AI software enables you to allocate the project to personnel with the requisite skillsets in minutes instead of days or weeks. You have access to everyone—along with everything you need to know about them—to be confident you are putting together the perfect project team.

There’s no more chasing data across fragmented software and spreadsheets.  It’s all interconnected, so an update in one place will update it throughout the system. You can see what is actually happening in real time, first checking the 10,000 ft. view on dashboards and then drilling down into the details.

AI is your copilot, ensuring the team is busy, monitoring utilization, talent gaps, scope creep, and predicting future workload supply and demand. These values are converted to forecast your future revenue. Supported by accurate data, headcount planning is no longer guesswork and you can proactively hire and confidently right-size your organization with precision, responding to any change in the business.

With an efficient operating system, everything improves –profitability, quality of life for employees, and the quality of client work.

The future of your organization's project and resource management is here. If you can appreciate the impact and competitive advantages of this level of automation, you will understand that the best time to get started is yesterday.

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