30 of the Best Software Development Companies in the US

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The software development market is set to reach $608 billion this year, with nearly half of it generated within the US market. The rapid acceleration of digital adoption makes this no surprise. 

Companies are racing to launch software applications that will power their teams, get them closer to customers, and unlock additional revenue streams. And 64% of these companies outsource software development. The reasons for this include cost savings, flexibility, speed to market, agility, and increased access to specialized tools and processes.

While many companies outsource to foreign markets so they can keep project costs as low as possible, equally as many others have a strong preference for working with US-based software teams.  

There are more than 4,500 firms in the US that offer custom software development. Many of these companies also provide website and product development services.

We reviewed hundreds of US-based firms to identify a shortlist of 30 software development companies that we can confidently recommend. These providers all meet the following criteria:

  • Custom software development is their core focus. Most also provide website and mobile app development services, and a few offer design, branding, and digital marketing.
  • The main headquarters are located in the United States. While a couple of these firms have international offices or offshore teams, they are all US-based. 
  • Their Clutch review score is a minimum of 4.6 out of 5.0 stars with more than 3 reviews available. 

Here’s our list of the 30 best software development companies to consider for your next project.

Orases, 5 Score on Clutch, Frederick, MD

fjorge, 5 Score on Clutch, Minneapolis, MN

AltSource Software, 5 Score on Clutch, Portland, OR

Cloudester, 5 Score on Clutch, New York, NY

Mutually Human, 5 Score on Clutch, Kentwood, MI

SEP, 5 Score on Clutch, Carmel, IN

Pell Software, 5 Score on Clutch, Denver, CO

Pumex Computing, 5 Score on Clutch, Laurel, MD

MojoTech, 5 Score on Clutch, Providence, RI

Airdev, 4.9 Score on Clutch, San Francisco, CA

Highland Solutions, 4.9 Score on Clutch, Chicago, IL

TKXEL, 4.9 Score on Clutch, Reston, VA

KitelyTech, 4.9 Score on Clutch, Chicago, IL

Caxy Interactive, 4.9 Score on Clutch, Chicago, IL

Spark Business Works, 4.9 Score on Clutch, Kalamazoo, MI

Codiant, 4.9 Score on Clutch, East Moline, IN

A3logics, 4.9 Score on Clutch, Carlsbad, CA

The NineHertz, 4.8 Score on Clutch, Cincinnati, OH

Saffron Tech, 4.8 Score on Clutch, Fairfield, NJ

Steelkiwi, 4.8 Score on Clutch, Belmont, CA

Perpetual, 4.8 Score on Clutch, New York, NY

STRV, 4.8 Score on Clutch, Los Angeles, CA

Spire Digital, 4.8 Score on Clutch, Denver, CO

Launchpad Lab, 4.8 Score on Clutch, Chicago, IL

Abto Software, 4.8 Score on Clutch, New York, NY

The Gnar Company, 4.8 Score on Clutch, Boston, MA

Eureka Software, 4.8 Score on Clutch, Austin, TX

MentorMate, 4.7 Score on Clutch, Minneapolis, MN

Glorium Technologies, 4.7 Score on Clutch, Princeton, NJ

Intersog, 4.6 Score on Clutch, Chicago, IL

A Closer Look at the Top 9 Software Development Companies

Nine firms on this list of software development companies hold 5-star ratings on Clutch

They represent a range of maturity, agency size, and capabilities. Clients report that they produce high-quality software, on time and on budget, creating highly satisfied customers.  

Below, you’ll find detailed information about the top nine firms on this list, including annual revenue according to Zoominfo, capabilities, customer reviews, and more. 

1. Orases

Clutch Score: 5.0 stars, 54 reviews

Annual Revenue: $8M

Headquarters: Frederick, MD

About Orases

Orases is a full-service, digital technology agency that provides custom software, and website and application development solutions. The company philosophy centers on creating high-end designs and building amazing products.

  • Custom software development
  • Mobile app development
  • UI/UX development and design
  • Advanced tech
  • Infrastructure
  • Maintenance and support
  • Security and compliance
What Clients Say About Orases

“Orases’ consistency, experience, knowledge, and skill sets are very solid…they’ve been a key strategic partner for us, both to take us where we are…and where we want to be in the long term. They’re very dependable and more than capable of handling our requests.” – Director of IT Project Management, American Kidney Fund

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2. fjorge

Clutch Score: 5.0 stars, 13 reviews

Annual Revenue: $12 million

Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN

About Fjorge

fjorge is a full-service custom software development firm that builds content-managed websites, integrated mobile applications, and customized web applications.

  • UI/UX design
  • Solutions architecture
  • Website development
  • Application development
  • CMS managed services
  • Accessibility compliance
  • eCommerce
 What Clients Say About fjorge

“The overall process that they follow is…impressive. I was most impressed that everyone involved strictly followed the process and it functioned well…For the most part, we cruised through this thing and everyone knew where we were with the project.” – Director, Digital Strategy, Tom, Dick & Harry Creative

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3. AltSource Software

Clutch Score: 5.0 stars, 6 reviews

Annual Revenue: $38M

Headquarters: Portland, OR

About AltSource Software

AltSource provides strategic consulting and custom software development services. Its team is made up of 70+ in-house designers, mobile app developers, QA experts, software architects, DevOps engineers, data analysts, and business strategists.  

  • Custom software
  • Systems integration
  • Digital strategy
  • Business intelligence
  • Website and mobile apps
  • User experience
  • Cloud and DevOps
What Clients Say About AltSource Software

“[Y]ou can have confidence that AltSource Software will be as invested in your project as you are. They take ownership of their work…[Ours was] a complicated and tedious project, and they were up to the task. They made something that wasn’t very straightforward work well.” – Former Project Manager, OHSU Family Medicine

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4. Cloudester

Clutch Score: 5.0 stars, 4 reviews

Annual Revenue: Less than $5 million

Headquarters: New York, NY

About Cloudester

Cloudester is a bespoke software development company that delivers custom-built mobile and web structures. It serves numerous industries including healthcare, entertainment, transportation, shipping, finance, and more.

  • Enterprise software development
  • SaaS development
  • Mobile application development
  • SEO services
  • Startup development
  • IT infrastructure
What Clients Say About Cloudestar

“Working with [the] Cloudester team is always helpful because they understand the user's requirement quickly and they also provide valuable input for designing the workflow, user interface, [and] security features. [They have an] expert team, high-quality IT tools, and solutions to meet all our requirements.” – Senior Director, CBCC Global Research

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5. Mutually Human

Clutch Score: 5.0 stars, 4 reviews

Annual Revenue: Less than $5 million

Headquarters: Kentwood, MI

About Mutually Human

Mutually Human is a full-service software development company that specializes in mobile and web-based applications, intelligent automation, and assisted reality programs. It researches, designs, and develops software products. 

  • Cloud software
  • Desktop software
  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
What Clients Say About Mutually Human

“Their team was incredible at listening to and understanding our issues. They asked really important questions that helped us define our needs with more clarity than we had beforehand. They not only laid out ideal solutions, they walked us through their rationale and helped make us more tech-savvy in the process.” – Regional Emergency Services Director, American Red Cross of West Michigan

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6. SEP

Clutch Score: 5.0 stars, 4 reviews

Annual Revenue: $21 million

Headquarters: Carmel, IN

About SEP

SEP is a software design and development firm specializing in high-cost of failure projects. It has nearly 150 employees that serve clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to rapidly scaling startups.

  • Enterprise app development
  • Distributed systems
  • Interaction design
  • Full stack development
  • Information architecture
  • Cross-platform mobile app development
  • IoT applications
  • Cloud development 
  • Cloud migrations
  • Cloud infrastructure
What Clients Say About SEP

“Personally, I was most impressed by the seamless experience. I manage 2 other software teams at my company and SEP felt like an internal team -- invested in the company and the success of this project. I've worked with other contractors and contracting groups in the past and have had varied experiences. That said, I don't recall ever having a contract team feel more embedded or invested in my company's success.” – Software Engineering Manager, Electronic Manufacturing

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7. Pell Software

Clutch Score: 5.0 stars, 9 reviews

Annual Revenue: Less than $5 million

Headquarters: Denver, CO

About Pell Software

Pell Software is a 100% US-based team of software engineers. They build web applications, mobile apps, server and desktop apps, and powerful business utilities.

  • Systems integrations
  • Custom software application development
  • Custom business portal development
  • Windows desktop software 
  • Progressive web applications
  • Website design and development
What Clients Say About Pell Software

“Communication was fantastic!...[S]omething I found extremely refreshing about working with Pell SW was the ease at which you could have a conversation. No overly formal BS or red tape got in the way. They were accessible…and proactive.” – IT Director, GH Phipps Construction Companies 

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8. Pumex Consulting

Clutch Score: 5.0 stars, 7 reviews

Annual Revenue: Less than $5 million

Headquarters: Laurel, MD

About Pumex Consulting

Pumex Computing develops customized end-to-end software. It offers a broad range of software development and consultation services with a focus on the design, development, and deployment of cost-effective and scalable solutions.

  • Agile software and application development
  • Web and mobile app development
  • Salesforce development services
  • Platform development
  • Data services
  • Managed IT services
  • Staff augmentation
  • Federal government IT solutions
  • Business intelligence services
What Clients Say About Pumex Consulting

“[T]hey're professional, have sound business judgment and are an excellent development firm… Their development staff is highly effective in project management, procedures, and achieving deadlines… Additionally, their QA process is detailed, their low testing is helpful, and our development team is delighted with their coding work.” – CIO, Healthcare Company

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9. MojoTech

Clutch Score: 5.0 stars, 11 reviews

Annual Revenue: Less than $5 million

Headquarters: Providence, RI

About MojoTech

MojoTech provides web, mobile, and IoT development. It leads clients of all sizes and maturities through the full product development cycle–from ideation to realization.

  • Full stack engineering
  • Web development
  • Mobile development
  • Cloud migration
  • Digital transformation
  • UI/UX
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Data visualization
  • Product strategy
  • Process development
What Clients Say About MojoTech

“I appreciate their integrity, reliability, and responsiveness. A grounded project management strategy facilitates their success. They possess extensive knowledge regarding mobile technology and enterprise software. They also understand the sort of issues that a company of our size faces.” – UX Director, Visual Merchandising Software

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Common Traits of the Best Software Development Companies 

Every software development company on this list has proven to deliver an exceptional customer experience. How exactly do they do it?

Aside from producing high-quality, reliable software, there are a few additional criteria that can make or break a client’s satisfaction with a software project, namely:

  • How well the provider communicated and collaborated with the client
  • If the software was delivered on time
  • If the project stayed within the quoted budget

These factors can be more challenging for software development companies than in many other sectors. There are typically numerous contributors to a software project over a timeline that spans many months and includes countless variables. Even the most precise Gantt charts can fail to keep projects on track.

High-performing software development teams are powered by intelligent planning systems, like Mosaic, that streamline and standardize processes so engineers can obsess over code and project managers can focus on delighting customers. 

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