20 Top Web Development Companies in the US in 2022

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According to Deloitte’s Global Outsourcing Report, 47% of companies outsource web development and website design projects. 

There’s a strong business case for outsourcing, particularly when a company’s technology needs are limited to singular projects that don’t require full-time development staff. The top two reasons that companies turn outsource are 1) reducing costs and 2) enabling teams to focus on their core competencies.  

People often equate outsourcing with offshore and nearshore development teams. However, there are more than 11,000 website development agencies in the US

We conducted a thorough analysis to identify the top website development companies in the US. This resulted in a list of firms that met the following criteria:

  • Website development and design are their core competency. They may offer mobile app development or custom software development, but web development represents the majority of their business.
  • The main headquarters are located in the United States. While a couple of these firms have international offices, they are primarily US web development agencies. There are many highly qualified international agencies that are not included in this list.
  • Clutch rank is a minimum of 4.7 out of 5.0 stars with a minimum of 5 reviews available. 

Here’s our list of 20 of the top web development companies in the US. 

  1. Fyresite Clutch Score: 5, Phoenix, AZ
  2. Studio Simpatico Clutch Score: 5, New York, NY
  3. Temper and Forge Clutch Score: 5, Boston, MA
  4. Urban Insight Clutch Score: 5, Los Angeles, CA
  5. DesignHammer Clutch Score: 5, Durham, NC
  6. Kanopi Studios Clutch Score: 5, San Francisco, CA
  7. KrishaWeb Clutch Score: 5, Aldie, VA
  8. Eight25Media Clutch Score: 4.9, San Jose, CA
  9. nclud Clutch Score: 4.9, Washington, DC
  10. Orbit Media Studios Clutch Score: 4.9, Chicago, IL
  11. GoldenComm Clutch Score: 4.9, Newport Beach, CA
  12. Chromatic Clutch Score: 4.9, Chicago, IL
  13. Five Jars Clutch Score: 4.9, Brooklyn, NY
  14. Tiny Frog Technologies Clutch Score: 4.9, San Diego, CA
  15. Unleashed Technologies Clutch Score: 4.9, Columbia, MD
  16. Wakefly Clutch Score: 4.8, West Borough, MA
  17. Huemor Clutch Score: 4.8, New York, NY
  18. Lounge Lizard Clutch Score: 4.7, New York, NY
  19. Blacksmith Agency Clutch Score: 4.7, New York, NY
  20. Magnet Co Clutch Score: 4.7, Cincinnati, OH

A Closer Look at the Top 10 Web Development Agencies 

These top web development companies represent a range of capabilities, focus, and maturity. 

It’s interesting to note that all of the 5-star agencies on this list (except for one) are smaller, boutique firms that generate less than $5 million in annual revenue. This could perhaps be because smaller agencies place more focus on generating reviews or that they have an easier time controlling the end-to-end customer experience. 

Below, you’ll find detailed information on the top ten firms on this list, including annual revenue according to Zoominfo, noteworthy projects, customer testimonials, and more. 

1. Fyresite

Clutch Score: 5.0 stars across 19 reviews

Annual Revenue: Less than $5 million

Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ

About Fyresite 

Fyresite builds modern websites, eCommerce stores, and mobile applications that boost sales. 

Its development capabilities include WordPress, Shopify, iOS, Android, and React.

Noteworthy Project

Clean Energy Social

Partnered with Clean Energy to build a fully custom database of professionals, companies, and jobs in the clean energy industry--all bound together in a neat and tidy web app package.

What Clients Say About Fyresite

“Fyresite took our vision and actually made it better… Their main strengths are being able to communicate, hear what we say, and execute it perfectly." – Director of Marketing, Jarvis Group 

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2. Studio Simpatico

Clutch Score: 5.0 stars across 25 reviews

Annual Revenue: Less than $5 million

Headquarters: New York, NY

About Studio Simpatico

Studio Simpatico is a creative studio that offers a range of services including user experience (UX) design and research, mobile and web design, and WordPress development and maintenance.  

Noteworthy Project


Partnered with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) to design and develop a new site for SEEHER: an initiative to accurately portray women and girls in marketing, advertising, media, and entertainment. 

What Clients Say About Studio Simpatico

“We had one meeting with the Studio Simpatico team and knew they were the right fit. They took on our mission with care and intent… Their design was intentional and it turned out beautifully. They were very collaborative… and they listened to our needs. By the end of the project, I felt like they were family.” – Executive Advisor, SeeHer

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3. Temper and Forge

Clutch Score: 5.0 across 34 reviews

Annual Revenue: Less than $5 million

Headquarters: Boston, MA

About Temper and Forge

Temper and Forge is a web development and web design agency that offers custom website solutions for publicly traded companies, hypergrowth startups, and small local businesses. It specializes in WordPress, eCommerce sites, AWS architecture, and custom development. 

Noteworthy Project

Building Ventures Website Rebuild

Partnered with Building Ventures to redesign and redevelop its website. Building Ventures is a VC firm that invests in startups focused on changing the way we design, build, operate, and experience the built environment. 

What Clients Say About Temper and Forge

“Temper And Forge is great at listening to feedback and iterating your vision, so always be open to communication… {They’re] customer-centered and they really listen to our needs… We feel like they’ve done a really good job of bringing our vision to life and we’re very happy working with them.” – Co-Founder and CEO, Education Tech Company

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4. Urban Insight

Clutch Score: 5.0 stars across 25 reviews

Annual Revenue: Less than $5 million

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

About Urban Insight

Urban Insight is a digital agency with more than 500 successful launches. It plans, designs, and develops innovative websites using open-source web content management systems like Drupal and WordPress.

Noteworthy Project

San Jose Clean Energy Initiative

Partnered with San Jose Clean Energy and MIG consulting group to develop a community education website that would help pave the pathway to a carbon-free future for the city.

What Clients Say About Urban Insight

“Urban Insight [stands] apart from similar vendors… They do a great job of communicating and keeping the project on track… Their engineers are honest, helpful, and open regarding best practices. They’ve guided us through the process, but also remain flexible and will consider new ideas.” – Senior Research Analyst, Investment Management Firm

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5. DesignHammer

Clutch Score: 5.0 stars across 12 reviews

Annual Revenue: Less than $5 million

Headquarters: Durham, NC

About DesignHammer

DesignHammer is a full-service web strategy, design, and development agency that’s been delivering tailor-made technology solutions since 2001. The team has been internationally recognized for web design & development industry expertise and award-winning websites.

Noteworthy Project

Project Oasis

Worked with UNC and Google News Initiative to construct an online database showcasing the location of surviving independent digital news organizations across North America.

What Clients Say about DesignHammer

“Ultimately, it was DesignHammer’s personality that sold me. They were refreshing, and I knew right away… [They] met every single milestone and deadline that we put together. They were committed, and… their team consistently provided constructive feedback. DesignHammer is one of the best companies I’ve worked with when it comes to project management.” – Former VP of marketing at Divers Alert Network

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6. Kanopi Studios

Clutch Score: 5.0 stars across 20 reviews

Annual Revenue: Less than $5 million

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

About Kanopi Studios

Kanopi Studios specializes in web development services. It designs, builds, and supports clean, modern, and user-focused websites for clients who want to make a positive impact. 

Noteworthy Project

Covenant House Website Rebuild

Partnered with Covenant House International to help homeless, runaway, and trafficked youth by creating a digital presence that could make a bigger online impact. 

What Clients Have to Say About Kanopi Studios

“Everyone I’ve worked with is very professional, timely, and responsive. They do an excellent job and have deep expertise… They don’t overpromise... They’re committed to the timeline and communicate any delays.” – Administrative Director, Higher Education

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7. KrishaWeb Technologies

Clutch Score: 5.0 stars across 34 reviews

Annual Revenue: $18 million

Headquarters: Aldie, VA

About KrishaWeb Technologies

KrishaWeb Technologies has been providing avant-garde website designing and development services since 2008. Its objective is to create user-centric digital experiences that attract, engage, and convert prospects.

Noteworthy Project

Matrix Tutors Learning Portal

Partnered with Matrix Tutors to create a sustainable and interactive online platform where they can offer online education to individuals and groups.

What Clients Say About KrishaWeb Technologies

“The highlight of the project was KrishaWeb’s responsiveness, kindness, and flexibility. The team was just very easy to work with… Their project management was excellent. Every day, the team gave us detailed updates and asked for our feedback… [The] team was able to fulfill all of our requirements. The site was well-designed and functional." – Employee, Business Matchmaking Site

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8. Eight25Media

Clutch Score: 4.9 stars across 25 reviews

Annual Revenue: $18 million

Headquarters: San Jose, CA

About Eight25Media

Eight25Media is a full-service digital agency that builds web experiences for VC-funded startups to Fortune 500 companies. It specializes in strategic consulting, web design and development, and mobile app development.

Noteworthy Project

Samsung Research America (SRA)

Partnered with Samsung’s research arm to rebuild the SRA website that showcased Samsung’s ability to develop innovative technology with the world’s brightest minds. 

What Clients Have to Say About Eight25Media

“They’re easy to work with. Even when we don't have a clear idea of what we want, they… give us exactly what we need…They're very patient and bring excellent ideas to the table.”  – Strategic Marketing Director, MFLEX

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9. nclud

Clutch Score: 4.9 stars across 6 reviews

Annual Revenue: $17 million

Headquarters: Washington, DC

About nclud

nclud is a full-service creative agency focused on building highly-interactive websites. Its team has provided strategy, user experience, design, and development for a global portfolio of brands that includes Adobe, NASDAQ, Discovery Education, The Grammys, Rosetta Stone, The Washington Post, Mashable, and more. 

Noteworthy Project

Discover Education Techbook

Partnered with the Discover Channel to create a mobile learning app for K-8 science, high school science, and middle school social studies students.

What Clients Have to Say About nclud

“It was clear that we shared visions of design and customer service. We knew that they were the right team to go with… Their creativity is noteworthy. They stay ahead of trends and didn’t just create a website that looked cool at the time.” – Principal, Wingate Huges Architects

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10. Orbit Media Studios

Clutch Score: 4.9 stars across 11 reviews

Annual Revenue: $7 million

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

About Orbit Media Studios

Orbit Media is a web design and development company founded in 2001. This Certified B Corporation works with businesses to make a difference environmentally and socially.

Noteworthy Project

Discover Partners Institute

Partnered with Discover Partners Institute to complete a website redesign and rebuild that would showcase the future of Chicago’s tech scene. 

What Clients Say About Orbit Media Studios

“Orbit Media Studios was one of the most promising agencies that we saw. We got a good vibe from them when we reached out, and they understood our company… [Theirs] was definitely a premium offering. Everyone on their team was really talented.” – Director of Digital Marketing, Manufacturing Company

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What Makes These Web Development Companies the Best? 

The main thread that these top web development companies have in common is that they all provide an exceptional customer experience. This isn’t an easy feat for many web agencies to accomplish. Much effort takes place behind the scenes to ensure customers are delighted. It takes the right people, processes, and technology to power these organizations.

Two of the most important factors in ensuring client satisfaction are to deliver projects on time and on budget. This means that talented designers and developers can only take web development companies so far. Organizations also need smart systems that streamline and standardize processes so creative and technical teams can obsess over serving the customer.  

Based on the revenue ranges of these organizations, size doesn’t seem to be a factor in the equation. However, the way a web development company manages its resources can make all the difference.

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